6 Outfits to Wear With Leggings This Fall

Leggings are among the most comfortable clothes, yet it can sometimes be challenging to think of ways to incorporate them with other items. To make sure your OOTDs look sleek and harmonious, we're here to help you style outfits to wear with leggings this fall.

6 Outfits to Wear With Leggings This Fall

Clothes styling for fall involves mix-and-matching or layering. There are countless ways to style
leggings, especially if you own a staple pair of black leggings. When using some oversized or
elongated clothes like sweaters, pullovers, shirts, cardigans, coats, and dresses, these outfits
can make you look fashionable yet comfortable this fall.

1. White Tee and Cardigan

With fall marking the transition from summer to winter, it can sometimes be confusing whether to
consider lightweight, loose-fitting clothes or cozy, tighter ones. The great thing about this season
is that you can have the best of both worlds!
With a plain-colored tee, you have so many outfit possibilities, and this is perfect for busy moms
who want to look put together. Throw over a cardigan when chilly air starts to come. Try wearing
fleece leggings for cooler temperatures, and a lightweight pair leggings on days where the
temperature is still warm.
Since you’ve got a solid color on top, this is where you can really have fun with your leggings!
Try pastel prints or camo printed leggings for a bold and stylish look.

2. Oversized Sweater With Boots

A combination of black leggings with oversized sweaters is one of the easiest yet classiest
outfits you can wear the whole season. Knit tops that hit close to the mid-upper thighs plus
form-fitting leggings can help streamline your look.
Finish the look with velvet ankle boots or high-heeled black boots to highlight your legs further.

3. Bomber Jacket or Puffer Coat with Sneakers

Whether lounging at home or spending time outdoors, you can still achieve your fall fashion
goals without sacrificing comfort. If you're getting chilly fall vibes in your area, the cozy feel of
jackets and coats can keep you warm even when wearing thinner pants like leggings.
Since a bomber jacket and puffer coat appear bulkier than most tops, a flattering pair of leather
leggings can make the outfit look more put together. Pair this with your favorite pair of sneakers
for a casual look.
4. Athletic Hoodie and Running Shoes

Okay, this might sound basic, but pairing a workout hoodie with your favorite pair of colorful
workout leggings needs to be a staple in your fall wardrobe. Whether you’re doing a HIIT
session or running errands, throwing on a sweatshirt and running shoes is a simple yet
completely acceptable outfit to rock all throughout fall.

5. Button-Down Shirt with a Belt

The best way to level up your office outfits is to pair black leggings with button-down shirts. You
can also use faux leather leggings or ones with brown or navy hues.
Ideally, look for a shirt that is long enough to fully cover your butt, since you are in an office
setting. To pull the outfit together, wear an oversized belt to accentuate your body shape.
Depending on the top, accessories, and shoes, this look can range from casual to slightly
dressy. Choose cute wedges for meeting days or trusty sneakers for laidback Fridays.

6. Oversized Plaid Shirt or Chambray Top

Plaids and chambray tops feature a myriad of flattering color palettes that can go with leggings,
making your outfits appear more dimensional. This is an excellent combination if you want a
super snug, yet functional outfit for long errand days or road trips.
You can wear the shirt buttoned-up or unbuttoned with a shirt underneath. Complete the look
with flats for casual days. You can also elevate this look using accessories and boots or pumps.

7. Knitted Dresses or Skirts

Fall fashion calls for layering to ensure warmth and comfort. If you still want to wear dresses or
skirts without worrying about freezing your legs, wear leggings that have the same or
complementary colors.

Try wearing a light-colored knitted dress or pleated skirt with leggings combo for a modest yet
girly twist. For a more textured outfit, pair glossy leggings with a turtleneck sweater-dress and
white sneakers.


With these fall clothing combination tips, you can now easily put together clothes with leggings
that strike a balance between warmth and fashion. Remember to choose what makes you most
comfortable, so that you gain more confidence in flaunting the outfits.