Women’s Leggings That Actually Keep you Warm

Warm clothes, warm clothes, and even warmer ones if you live in locations that are covered in snow during winters.

Imagine what it would be like if your outfit is fairly comfortable but not warm enough to safeguard you from the cold creeping under your clothes.

There’s comfort clothing then there’s warm clothing.

But wouldn’t it be like the sun shining straight from the heaven and on you, if your winter outfit could be both cozy and warm?

Nothing leaves you more in distraught then wearing not so warm leggings on a very chilly day.

You can’t focus on anything else then the thought, “my legs are cold”.

Man does that hinder everything you had lined up for the day!

Especially if you are outdoors or the heating system inside isn’t protecting you from the weather.

That is where fleece leggings enter the winter leggings wardrobe.

Aren’t they lifesavers?

Fleece leggings are Winter Essentials

Trust me, I understand the desperation of looking for something chic to keep those legs warm in winters.

No woman would want to fall in the line of a complete fashion disaster when planning to make women’s leggings part of the wardrobe.

I heard some friends complaining about the so-called winter leggings trapping in the cold instead of protecting from it, making it an impossible inner wear.

Others talk about wearing additional layers, like stockings underneath and still not feeling comfortable enough.

My personal experience when I tried using extra layering was annoyingly distressful.

I got myself leg warmers thinking this would suit me and my style.

As unfortunate as that experience became, I was bound to wearing layers of bottoms, leaving me looking fat legged!

Not to mention taking all my attention to pulling them up every few minutes.

Fleece leggings on the other hand are warm enough to be the only layer of bottoms saving your legs from shivering.

Best part?

Thick enough to prevent the cold on their own and thin enough to be used as inners.

Without making you look like a stuffed teddy.

Reasons why Fleece Legging are the Best

Fleece has such a warm fuzzy feel to it that it almost feels like your legs are wrapped in blankets.

If you are one of those people who love running outdoors then these are for sure the winter leggings for you.

The leggings I found at Legging Army are of high quality material guaranteeing that they won’t wear out easily.

Allowing enough movement for the runners, cyclists and anyone who wants to keep their legs warm while they enjoy their favorite sport.

The impermeable layer that fleece offers holds the heat in and dries out quickly.

So you naturally have protection against cold and can even wear them in snowfall and in rain.

As life changing as they are, you don’t need to worry about giving up cozy against warm.

To tell you the truth, they are the reasons why I look forward to winters more now.

An Option for Everyone

Women’s leggings have never been so versatile before.

But at Legging Army you can literally find a pair for everyone and for any occasion.

There are these workout fleece leggings with extra stretch and comfort that you can wear everyday with a cute sweatshirt and your joggers.

The textured pair for those who like a bit of texture and design to up their leggings game.

High-rise leggings with side pockets are my absolute favorite since I just love pockets!

There are those with fun Christmas and holiday designs.

Pair them up with your mid-calf boots and your favorite leather jacket and you are ready to enjoy your evening out.

Or perhaps with your reindeer plush slippers if you are planning to stay the night in with coffee and a good book.

For corporate attire, all you need is to find a matching pair to go with your suit’s skirt.

While girls who like to rock dresses and skirts all year long can dive in the heap of variety.

Fashion girls can also Travelling Light

Imagine yourself hiking on the snowy mountains with a bag-pack heavy with your warm bottoms.

You have to agree that’s like seriously the last thing you want to do.

That is why women’s legging are a miracle life changer because we are no longer tagged as excessive packers!

We can literally keep the luggage minimal and only with essentials.

As long as we have our winter leggings, we are good to go.

Fleece leggings hardly take enough space and are light-weight.

Even two pairs of these winter leggings for a short trip are enough to spend the entire vacation comfortably warm and in style.

Speaking from experience, while some girls carried heaps of bottoms and leg warmers and extra thermal tights.

All I had in my light backpack on my recent hike to the K2, was two leggings from Legging Army and one pair that I was wearing.

I had with me the perfect high quality women leggings from Legging Army that matched my style and were an steal at such reasonable rates.

How to Choose the Best Leggings for You

There are just so many of these comfortable warmies to choose from, your body shape may also guide you to what the perfect choice is for you.

My best bet is that you won’t even know what to let go of and which one to keep.

I generally pick up anything that seems like it might come in handy later.

Then mix and match it with my existing wardrobe and level it up to my personal style.

But you can totally get ideas from me to help you decide what might work the best for you.

There are these amazing leggings with foot cuffs giving the bottoms the perfect custom fit.

As for additional comfort around the crotch area and inner thighs, look for the ones with saddle tailoring crafted with nifty inseams.

For winter leggings to be used as the perfect base layering under your bottoms, choose the ones with a flat trim and transversal seaming.

I found Legging Army to be determined with giving their customers some real high-quality fabric that prevents sheering and fabric translucence.

Also decreasing any pilling issues that otherwise may concern you about fleece leggings.

What these Leggings made of?

The fabric Leggings Army uses is of high quality and is extra-thick which helps contain the heat inside; also, the fleece lining is long lasting.

The exercise and yoga winter leggings like every other pair comes with a stretchy elastic waistband and is made with a polyester-spandex blend.

Now do you get the picture as to how these magic leggings are smartly wicking the moisture away and keeping you warm and dry?

As for the extra and improved stretch features, the winter leggings are included with crotch gusset.

As to reduce chafing, flat-lock seams are used and often these fleece leggings are decked with hidden pocket and high rise waist because women’s leggings are all about comfort.

How these magic leggings are no magic but clever construction?

Well it’s the sleek design and the tight fit that prevents the extra bulk, making them an easy bundling up solution.

Here’s the Final Catch

Nothing believe me, nothing is worse than winter bottoms that aren’t warm enough!

With winters daunting your routine and regular tasks, bundling up hard against the cold is the only way to continue functioning normally.

Yes, there are some of us, like me, who feel completely paralyzed by the cold.

That is why fleece winter leggings are life changing and life saving for me.

What could I want more than to be able to run errands or party, normally?

Instead of letting winter blues take over me.

I have ordered mine from the Legging Army and have already decided how I’ll be working them into different outfits.

Do you want to keep looking chic and still be warm enough in your perfect outfit?

Well snag your pair of winter leggings and beat those freezing temperatures with style.